Preparing Companies to Return to Work in the New Normal

Our new Return to Work solution transfers best practices from the healthcare industries and essential businesses to all organizations.


COVID-19 has irrevocably changed how society will operate, and that will be especially true for today's businesses.

Organizations that offer essential services and are still operating at capacity have begun introducing safety measures on an ad hoc basis, and businesses that are closed or at a lesser capacity will encounter significant complications when they return to full operations.

  1. Risk of Infections: Businesses will continue to open up before the COVID-19 vaccine is completed and distributed, leading to unprecedented risk for viral spread.
  2. Social Distancing: It is much harder to enforce safety best practices in an environment where people are used to working side-by-side and in close confines with customers.
  3. Managing the asymptomatic: Workers exposed to COVID-19 can potentially infect others before they realize they are sick and must inform their supervisors.

How we can help

UST Global’s Return to Work solution takes best practices from healthcare to provide organizations with optimal safety and security for their workforce, enabling business continuity throughout the crisis.

  1. Assess Worker RiskIntegration of curated public COVID-19 data and your employee data will show impact to your business and immediate action.
  2. Monitor the WorkplaceBracelets and other devices worn by each employee can report on body temperature and employee location while video analytics solutions allow monitoring to ensure adherence to safety regulations.
  3. Track IssuesA single intuitive dashboard that catalogues risk and relates it to your business needs.
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