COVID-19 has created significant strains on the global supply chain and has made predicting demand more challenging. Demand volatility creates uncertainty, forcing organizations to take more care in planning their inventory and allocating supply. 

Many organizations use SAP to manage their supply chain and logistics, yet its out-of-the-box solution lacks key features for allocation and order management in a single user cockpit. 

The Challenge

Organizations must make quick, informed decisions on a number of key topics, to avoid out of stock issues and alienating their most profitable customers.

  • Manually allocating supply to orders is not manageable
  • Ability to check against actual supply during the order placement process is limited
  • Lack of profitability and customer prioritization strategies for calculating allocation quantities 

How we can help

UST Flex iOM for Intelligent Order Management successfully closes functional gaps of standard SAP Product Allocation functionality for real-time data capture and multi-user accessibility, offering a unique solution add-on to the SAP (ECC, AFS, APO GATP, S4) platform for Intelligent Allocation Management. This includes:

  1. Allocation Quantity Calculation: Configurable algorithms to calculate period-level allocation quantities aligned to a supply reservation strategy
  2. Allocation Management Cockpit: Flexible, real-time allocation analysis and maintenance in response to changing demands and supply
  3. Order Management Cockpit: Order Management cockpit to allow for fast response and reassignment of order confirmations

How can UST Flex iOM supercharge your SAP Allocation Management?

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